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Concho Bail Bonds in San Angelo, Texas is a family owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience helping folks in the greater Concho Valley area of central West Texas.
The owner of Concho Bail Bonds is Louie Pérez, an honest, sincere, and hard working family man with a stong personal commitment to Ethics and Integrity. For Louie, its from these Values which sets Concho Bail Bonds apart — respect for the individual, service to clients, and striving for excellence — resting on the foundation of personal integrity and responsibility.
"It isn't just the right way to do business; it's how we earn trust and respect that is important to our success" says Louie. "Our customers trust us to be their advocates and I promise I will always do my best to be there for them."
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image of the seal of Tom Green County in the State of TexasJ.D. Saenz has been a Concho Bail Bonds employee since 2011. He was previously was employed as a Compressor Mechanic.For many years now, J.D. has coached youth sports teams and served as a member of various recreation and little league boards. He currently is an active high school sports official.
J.D. Saenz is a Texas A&M certified #2 Fireman and served 15 years as a Pecos County volunteer fireman. J.D. has three children and enjoys spending quality time playing disc golf with his four grandchildren.

The photo at right is not a real photo of J.D. Saenz; but, then, what do you expect when you don't show up to have your photo taken for the website.

Phone J.D. Saenz, toll free, at 866-655-7307

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